Winning with underdogs: how hiring the least likely candidates can spark creativity, improve service, and boost profits for your business

by  Gil Winch


How do we end workplace exclusion, boost businesses profits, strengthen our communities, and make significant inroads toward social justice? By changing the way we regard, manage, and engage our current and future employees. This book shows how. In today's workplace, too many marginalized groups--the disabled, ex-convicts, senior citizens, the shy and anxious, various minorities--are underrepresented. And yet, workplaces often struggle to find enough employees to sustain their growing needs, putting massive pressure on HR hiring teams to fill the demand. In Winning with Underdogs, Winch reveals that the pool of excellent candidates is much larger than most hiring managers realize and that the least likely candidates could be highly productive and engaged employees who stay for the long term. However, for businesses to successfully tap into this hidden reservoir of talent, they will need to adjust their corporate culture, as well as their screening, training, and onboarding processes. This includes caring for employees' emotional needs and addressing any instances of workplace bullying and harassment. Doing so will allow many potential (and much needed) workers who do not function well in emotionally harsh environments to join and thrive. It will also greatly reduce work-related stress, anxiety, loneliness, and depression among employees, resulting in higher engagement, productivity, and profits

Table Of Contents

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion: corporate America's biggest con job
  • Equality hypocrisy and the challenging road to equality integrity
  • The incredible story of how CY wins with underdogs
  • The employment underdogs and the mystery of their unemployment
  • Screening for alphas when the job rewuires betas
  • How to stop neglecting employees' social and emotional needs while lowering attrition
  • The surprising power of managerial caring and the lioness forum: a new and much-needed HR entity
  • Acknowledging and eradicating workplace bullying and power abuse
  • Reserved employment for the opportunity-deprived
  • Change fueled by love: the untapped power of family and friends
  • Afterword: how and why I started this journey


Employment / Diversity in the workplace / Employee selection / Minorities / Corporate culture / Social responsibility of business / Success in business


Published New York, NY. : McGraw Hill, 2023
Language English
Material xi, 268 p. ;
ISBN 9781264274918
In Process - TCDC Bangkok Back Office

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