Suddenly virtual: making remote meetings work

by  Karin M Reed / Joseph A Allen


"The transition to remote work and a video-centric culture can be challenging even with the best tools. Most people do not feel comfortable or confident speaking on camera - even a small one. Many are also making minor but important mistakes which are magnified through the lens. These miscues can have costly consequences -- a virtual sales call that falls flat, a companywide meeting that loses impact, an absence of cohesion and productivity in a dispersed team. This book is designed to help readers better understand how to make these remote meetings work. By combining meeting-science based insights and practical application tips, readers will be able to maximize the effectiveness of their meetings and overcome barriers in an ever-growing virtual realm."-- Provided by publisher

Table Of Contents

  • Part One: Our New Virtual Reality - A Suddenly Remote Workforce
  • 1 What Happened to Meetings?
  • 2 What Happened to Video Communication?
  • Part Two: The Science of Meetings
  • 3 Best Practices for Meetings Before Covid-19
  • 4 New Best Practices for Meetings as a Result of Covid-19
  • Part Three: The Benefits and Challenges of Video Communication
  • 5 The Value of Video in the Corporate World
  • 6 Best Practices for On-Camera Communication through a Webcam
  • Part Four: The Biggest Opportunities and Challenges of Virtual Meetings
  • 7 Making Every Virtual Meeting a Video Meeting
  • 8 Driving Engagement in a Virtual Meeting
  • 9 Remembering Virtual Meeting Etiquette
  • 10 Ignoring the Importance of Production Value
  • 11 Building Organizational Culture Through Virtual Meetings
  • 12 Empowering Employees on the Tech Front
  • 13 Managing Virtual Meetings Across Global Cultures
  • Part Five: What's Next in the Suddenly Virtual Meeting World?
  • 14 Embracing the Hybrid Meeting
  • 15 Preparing for the Next Normal in Our Suddenly Virtual Meetings
  • Conclusion: Our Own Remote Work Experiment


Virtual work / Teleconferencing


Published Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, 2021
Language English
Material xv, 287 p.
ISBN 9781119793670
TCDC Bangkok - New Arrival (Books)

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