The honest art dictionary: a jovial trip through art jargon

by  Carmen Casado


The Honest Art Dictionary is an informative and entertaining dictionary of over 300 art terms - from the peculiar to the pretentious. Authoritative and informative, humorous and informal, the book will act as a valuable primer for those getting to grips with the art world

This is an ART dictionary like no other... The Art History Babes (the team behind the prolific podcast) bring you their debut book: The Honest Art Dictionary. Breaking down the elitist world of art, the Babes introduce over 300 art terms - spanning art history, iconic movements, peculiar words and pretentious phrases - so that you can lay down that art jargon with the best of them. Art speak is infamously alienating, strange and confusing as hell. Think stereotypical, stylish art dealers who describe art as derivative and dynamic - or stuffy auction houses filled with portraits of dead white people called Old Masters. What do these words mean? Where did they come from? And how can you actually use them? From avant-garde to oeuvre, the Harlem Renaissance to New Objectivity, museum fatigue to memento mori - The Art History Babes introduce all the art terms you need to know. With whip-smart humour, on-point knowledge and a heavy dose of candour, The Honest Art Dictionary is a valuable starter pack for those new to the study of art history, those re-exploring the discipline, or those simply interested in impressing their friends during a trip to the local art museum


Dictionaries / Art


Published London : White Lion, 2020
Language English
Material 240 p.
ISBN 0711248826 / 9780711248823
TCDC Bangkok - New Arrival (Books)

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