After the fall: being American in the world we've made

Also Known As: Being American in the world we've made

by  Ben Rhodes


"In 2017, as Ben Rhodes was helping former president Barack Obama begin his next chapter, the legacy they worked to build for eight years was being taken apart. To understand what was happening in his own country, Rhodes decided to look outward, at the wider world. Over the nextthree years, he traveled to dozens of countries, meeting with politicians, dissidents, and activists confronting the same forces that produced the Trump presidency: spreading nationalism, authoritarianism, and disinformation. Along the way, he was spied on by former Mossad operatives and the Chinese government, met with Hong Kong protesters and Russian oppositionists, and foundpeople from Europe to Asia to the United States strugglingto reconcile their own identities with the crude nationalism of their leaders--

Table Of Contents

  • The authoritarian playbook. The currents of history
  • Freedom's high-water mark
  • "Take our country back": from Trianon to the Tea Party
  • Identity politics
  • Opposition
  • The liberal order: an elongated reason cycle?
  • The counterrevolution. The house of Soviets
  • The song is the same
  • Putin and Obama: two worldviews
  • The system is rigged
  • The Crimean war
  • Democratic nationalism
  • A war without violence
  • The Chinese dream. Meet the new boss
  • The outlier
  • The Chinese dream
  • Make China great again
  • One country, two systems
  • "The narrative of liberalism and democracy collapsed"
  • Power doesn't give up without afight
  • Who we are: being American. Who we are ; We do big things
  • Forever war
  • The ocean liner
  • Fight the smears
  • After the fall


Political aspects / History / Politics and government / World politics / Globalization / Nationalism / Political corruption / Global Financial Crisis, 2008-2009 / 21st century / United States


Published New York, NY : BLOOMSBURY, [2021]
Language English
Material 358 p. ;
ISBN 1984856057 / 9781984856050
TCDC Bangkok - General Collection

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