Creativity: the perfect crime

by  Philippe Petit


"In the vein of The Creative Habit and The Artist's Way, a new manifesto on the creative process from a master of the impossible. Since well before his epic 1974 walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, Philippe Petit had become an artist who answered first and foremost to the demands of his craft--not only on the high wire, but also as a magician, street juggler, visual artist, builder, and writer. A born rebel like many creative people, he was from an early age a voracious learner who taught himself, cultivating the attitudes, resources, and techniques to tackle even seemingly impossible feats. His outlaw sensibility spawned a unique approach to the creative process--an approach he shares, with characteristic enthusiasm, irreverence, and originality in Creativity: The Perfect Crime. Making the reader his accomplice, Petit reveals new and unconventional ways of going about the artistic endeavor, from generating and shaping ideas to practicing and problem-solving to pulling off the "coup" itself--executing a finished work. The strategies and insights he shares will resonate with performers of every stripe (actors, musicians, dancers) and practitioners of the non-performing arts (painters, writers, sculptors), and also with ordinary mortals in search of fresh ways of tackling the challenges and possibilities of everyday existence"

Table Of Contents

  • A forethought : confession of an outlaw
  • The blank page
  • Chaos & order
  • The safe house
  • Subversive elements
  • Criminal practice
  • The plot thickens
  • A murder of problems
  • The coups
  • Aftermath
  • An afterthought : conquistador of the useless


Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.) / Creative ability


Published New York, NY : Riverhead Books, 2014
Language English
Material 209 p.
ISBN 1594631689 / 9781594631689
TCDC Bangkok - General Collection
TCDC Chiang Mai - General Collection
AIS D.C. - Quiet Room

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