Soupergreen!: souped-up green architecture

Also Known As: Souped-up green architecture / Supergreen

by  Doug Jackson / Wes Jones / Marc J Neveu / more


"SOUPERgreen!--Souped Up Green Architecture features projects and essays that offer a long overdue critique of the prevailing approach to "green" architecture and, in turn, demonstrate a more appropriate way for architects to address the challenges posed by the environmental crisis." -- From back cover

Table Of Contents

  • Foreword : Charismatic fauna / Sanford Kwinter
  • Doug Jackson
  • SCI-Arc + Caltech
  • SCI-Arc + Caltech
  • Wes Jones
  • Wes Jones
  • Steven Purvis
  • Randolph Ruiz
  • Marc Neveu
  • Aryan Crawford Omar
  • Doug Jackson
  • Doug Jackson
  • Doug Jackson
  • Mohamed Sharif Introduction : SOUPERgreen! / CHIP (Compact Hyper-Insulated Prototype) / DALE (Dynamic Augmented Living Environment) / The answer concerning technology / LAelovTOD (Los Angeles ELOV-based Transit Oriented Development) / Eat me (Aquaponic house) / 'STEAD (Sustainable Technology Experimental Agricultural Dwelling) / Souper useless / Wind house / Uneasy green / Wild thing / The elementals / Kind of just like heaven /


Environmental aspects / Sustainable design / Architecture


Published New York : Actar Publishers, 2017
Language English
Material 199 p.
ISBN 1940291534 / 9781940291536
TCDC Bangkok - New Arrival (Books)

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