Wanderlust: hiking on legendary trails

Also Known As: Hiking on legendary trails

by  Cam Honan / Robert Klanten / Anja Kouznetsova


Whether it be through far-flung deserts, luxuriant forests or majestic alpine terrain, when we choose to walk rather than fly or drive, something wonderful happens: our awareness and appreciation of the natural world begins to grow. It can be the faint sound of a gently meandering stream, the distinct smell of decaying leaves on a crisp autumn morning, or even a bowl of cereal that never tasted better than when eaten on a mountaintop at sunrise. Whatever your hiking dreams and goals may be, this book will inspire you to plan and realize your your journeys


Pictorial works / Guidebooks / Trails / Hiking


Published Berlin : Gestalten, 2017
Language English
Material 254 p.
ISBN 3899559010 / 9783899559019
In Process - TCDC Khon Kaen Transit

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