Brand brilliance: elevate your brand, enchant your audience

by  Fiona Humberstone


As a modern entrepreneur you need an incisive vision; for both what your brand stands for and where it's headed. You need to communicate in a way that always enchants your audience and you need to retain that focus in an increasingly noisy world. In Brand Brilliance, bestselling author and branding expert Fiona Humberstone will take you on a comprehensive journey. She will help you to define your dream clients, refine your message and up your marketing game. This book will bring substance and clarity to your brand, bring into focus the things that really matter and enable you to communicate with flair and intention

Table Of Contents

  • Brand clarity
  • Brand brilliance


Management / Branding (Marketing) / Marketing / Entrepreneurship


Published London : Copper Beech, 2017
Language English
Material 272 p.
ISBN 0956454542 / 9780956454546
In Process - TCDC Bangkok Back Office

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