I don't have a favourite colour: creating the Vitra Colour & Material Library

Also Known As: I don't have a favorite color / Hella Jongerius : I don't have a favourite colour / Creating the Vitra Colour and Material Library / creating the Vitra Colour & Material Library

by  Hella Jongerius / Alice Rawsthorn / Sander Manse / more


Ten years ago, the designer Hella Jongerius began a research project for the furniture company Vitra to study the properties and possibilities of colours, textures, finishes and materials. This long-term project has resulted in the Vitra Colour & Material Library, which is dedicated to the establishment and further development of an intelligent system of colours, materials and textiles that make it easy to create inspiring environments in offices, homes and public spaces. In the book I Don't Have a Favourite Colour, Hella Jongerius describes her method of research and the application of its results to the Vitra product portfolio

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction / Alice Rawsthorn
  • Color authorship. A personal approach
  • Colour and perception
  • Subjective system
  • Colour author: Rietveld
  • Colour author: Le Corbusier
  • Colour author: Girard
  • Colour author: Panton
  • Colour author: Hella Jongerius
  • The pigment
  • Colourful blacks
  • Research and experiments
  • Colours and daylight
  • Colour and its surface
  • Colours and objects
  • Colour and Vitra
  • The Polder Sofa as the kick-off
  • Inside colours
  • The search for a system
  • The colour wheel
  • The four colour worlds
  • Lights
  • Greens
  • Darks
  • Reds
  • Textiles & other materials. Textiles are a tactile, flexible piece of colour
  • The loom as the first computer
  • Design process
  • Simultaneous and successive contrasts
  • Micro-engineering
  • Starting with the yarn
  • Industrial parameters
  • A love-hate relationship
  • A textile signature
  • Tailor made
  • Skin
  • Duotone
  • Hopsak
  • Eames Aluminum Group
  • The pathmaker
  • Domino effect
  • A diverse textile vocabulary
  • Maize
  • Aura
  • Leather
  • Wood
  • The icon
  • Designers. The designers
  • Treasures of the past
  • Charles & Ray Eames
  • The Eameses on black
  • Hella Jongerius on whites
  • The plastic palette
  • Jean Prouve?
  • Verner Panton
  • Maarten van Severen
  • Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec
  • Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby
  • Hella Jongerius
  • Jasper Morrison
  • Alberto Meda
  • Antonio Citterio
  • Konstantin Grcic
  • Sevil Peach
  • The Vitra colour & material library. The library as a tool
  • A smart system of interlocking colour wheels
  • Signature colours
  • Bridge colours
  • The ebb and flow of colours
  • Organising an organism
  • The colour recipes. Let's start colour cooking
  • Recipe one: Colours are personal
  • Recipe two: Colours are powerful organisers in a space
  • Recipe three: Warm and cold greys cover a wide range of tones
  • Recipe four: Instability is a quality
  • Recipe five: Upholstery textiles add a signature
  • Recipe six: Material makes a colour
  • Recipe seven: One colour is no colour
  • Recipe eight: The size of a colour patch or colour field is important
  • A never-ending process


Pictorial works / Color in design / Color


Published Berlin : Gestalten, 2016
Language English
Material 151 p.
ISBN 3899556658 / 9783899556650
TCDC Bangkok - General Collection

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