Strategic innovation: the definitive guide to outlier strategies

by  Liisa Valikangas / Michael Gibbert

Table Of Contents

  • Outliers from the theoretical and methodological perspective
  • Workbook: the strategic novelty tools and how to use them for innovating and amplifying strategy
  • Fondia: we law your business
  • A quirky way to product innovation
  • Grow VC group
  • Scoopshot: pulling the scoop on the trendy photo crowdsourcing platform
  • Made in the future: shapeways' manufacturing model
  • One size does not need to fit all - nor1 estandby upgrade solution
  • Sculpteo: a factory in the cloud for the 3D printing revolution
  • BUG: friendly wasps for pest control in farming
  • BioCurious: the curious case of the community biotech laboratory
  • TaskRabbit: hop online and pull a rabbit out of your service network
  • Gengo: winning in translation through crowdsourcing
  • Microtask: extreme approach to digital work, two-second tasks at a time
  • Kaggle: getting quant brains to play data games
  • MakieLab: custom-made, born-digital toys
  • ZenRobotics: riveting robots to reduce and recycle
  • Spire: launching crowdfunding beyond earth
  • Organovo: leaving 3D bioprints for others to follow
  • Power to the people: participant-driven health research at genomera
  • Robin Hood: the merry adventures of an asset management cooperative
  • Bang & Olufsen: modulating strategic renewal through innovation and organizational design
  • Outlook for the strategist


Creative ability in business / Strategic planning / Business planning


Published Old Tappan, NJ. : Pearson Education, 2016
Language English
Material viii, 280 p. ;
ISBN 0133989445 / 9780133989441
TCDC Bangkok - General Collection
In Process - TCDC Commons W District Back Office

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