Superforecasting: the art and science of prediction

by  Philip E Tetlock / Dan Gardner


What if we could improve our ability to predict the future? This book offers an insight into what we can learn from this elite group. It also shows the methods used by the superforecasters which enable them to out perform even professional intelligence analysts with access to classified data

Table Of Contents

  • An optimistic skeptic
  • Illusions of knowledge
  • Keeping score
  • Superforecasters
  • Supersmart?
  • Superquants?
  • Supernewsjunkies?
  • Perpetual beta
  • Superteams
  • The leader's dilemma
  • Are they really so super?
  • What's next?


Economic forecasting / Forecasting


Published London : Random House Books, 2015
Language English
Material 340 p. ;
ISBN 184794714X / 9781847947147
TCDC Commons W District – General Collection

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