Makers: the new industrial revolution

by  Chris Anderson


"Wired" magazine editor and bestselling author Anderson takes readers to the front lines of a new industrial revolution as today's entrepreneurs, using open source design and 3-D printing, bring manufacturing to the desktop

Table Of Contents

  • The invention revolution
  • The new industrial revolution
  • The history of the future
  • We are all designers now
  • The long tail of things
  • The tools of transformation : four desktop factories
  • Open hardware
  • Reinventing the biggest factories of all
  • The open organization
  • Financing the maker movement
  • Maker businesses
  • The factory in the Cloud
  • DIY biology
  • Epilogue : the new shape of the industrial world
  • Appendix : the 21st century workshop. Getting started with CAD
  • Getting started with 3-D printing
  • Getting started with 3-D scanning
  • Getting started with laser cutting
  • Getting started with CNC machines
  • Getting started with electronics


Technological innovations / Entrepreneurship / Microfabrication / Micromachining / Business enterprises


Published New York, NY. : Crown Business, 2012
Language English
Material viii, 257 p.
ISBN 0307720950 / 9780307720955
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TCDC Khon Kaen - General Collection

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