The flying mystics of Tibetan buddhism

by  Glenn H Mullin

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction Glenn H. Mullin
  • The Tibetan legacy of the flying mystics
  • Personal Reflections on Tibet's flying mystics
  • The legacy of the divine madman
  • Pan-Asian flying links
  • Indian metaphysical roots of the flying mystics of Tibetan buddhism
  • Those flying Buddhist mystics! Just how do they do it?
  • Illusory body, rainbow body, and empty body
  • Buddhist flying through the ages
  • Various forms of mystical flying
  • Siddhis, conventional and supreme
  • Great paintings of Buddhist mystics in flight
  • Buddha Shakyamuni with two chief disciples in flight
  • Buddha Shakyamuni with Garuda Aura
  • Buddha and the flying horse
  • Buddha's descent from the skies
  • Buddha and disciple in flight
  • Buddha's disciple Maudgalyayana in flight
  • Buddha and disciples fly to visit Sumagadha
  • Buddha and the sixteen immortal arhats
  • Arhat Ajita: walking on water
  • The mischievous flyer Pindola Bharadvaja
  • Buddha with the sixteen Arhats, six ornaments, and two supreme ones
  • Arya Nagarjuna: Flyer extraordinaire
  • Arya Asanga: feathers of birds, wings for the heavens
  • Shantideva: he with but three concerns
  • Atisha and flying friends
  • The Bodhissatva and the flying monk
  • Tsongkhapa as a sexy flying Mahasiddha
  • Saraha, forefather of the Mahasiddha tradition
  • Mitripa and the flying Mahasiddhas
  • Learning to fly
  • The Mahasiddha and the happy levitating monk
  • Two Mahasiddhas in flight
  • The transporting powers of love
  • At play with the birds
  • Padma Sambhava and the flight to copper mountain
  • Flying over the tiger's Den
  • Padma Sambhava as flight instructor
  • The flying mystic of mount Chimpu
  • The joy of flying, Nyingma style
  • Yogini Yeshey Tsogyal's legacy of flight
  • The naked Yogini of mount Everest
  • Milarepa walking on water and other playful deeds
  • Milarepa and the contest of miracles
  • Flying, laughter, and enlightenment
  • A Sakya legacy of miracles
  • Lama Tsongkhapa and the flight to Tushita
  • Maitreya, the future Buddha of love, resplendent with flyers
  • Flying in sukhavati, the pure land of bliss
  • The pure land of bliss: a Manchu interpretation
  • The Dakinis and Khecharis: mystical sky travellers of India and Tibet
  • Amelia Arenas
  • Troma Nagmo Khadroma: the wrathful black Dakini
  • Dorjey Khadroma: the diamond Khechari
  • Dorjet Khadroma: the diamond sky traveller
  • Naro Khachoma: Naropa's flyer
  • The three Sakya Khecharis
  • Chakrasamvara and Vajradakini in sexual union
  • The flight of garuda
  • Garuda and the magic emerald
  • Garuda and the Elixir of life
  • After matters
  • The wish to fly; the fear of flying an essay List of plates
  • Footnotes


Exhibitions / Mysticism / Buddhism in art / Spiritual life / Art, Tibetan / Art, Tantric-Buddhist / Mystics / Mysticism in art


Published New York : The Rubin Museum of Art, 2006
Language English
Material 248 p.
ISBN 1932476180 / 9781932476187
TCDC Chiang Mai - General Collection

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