Kaleidoscope: the art of illustrative storytelling

by  Wang Shaoqiang


"Derived from magazines, posters, books, blogs and personal projects, Kaleidoscope includes interviews with six talented and enthusiastic masters of their art. Similar to a kaleidoscope, a good story also employs reflection on the different elements to create a narrative or pattern that is captivating to the reader. The result relies heavily on the artist s ability to turn the lens just right and capture the essentials of setting characterisation, mood, detail, motion and more to convey the intended meaning"--Publisher's description

Table Of Contents

  • Wholli Chen
  • Kathrin Honesta
  • Alice Wellinger
  • Ruben Ireland
  • Lisk Feng
  • Eero Lampinen
  • Massimiliano di Lauro
  • Jasu Hu
  • Jesus Sotes Vicente
  • Miguel Montaner
  • Cinta Arribas
  • Stephan Schmitz
  • Chi Birmingham
  • Patrick Doyon
  • Teresa Bellon
  • Junkyard Sam
  • Federica Del Proposto
  • Sveta Dorosheva
  • Lieke vand der Vorst
  • Marija Tiurina
  • Helena Perez Garcia
  • Sehee Chae
  • Raúl Soria
  • Andrea De Santis
  • Tristan Gion
  • Tiago Galo
  • Eleonora Arosio
  • Anna Pirolli
  • Shout
  • Taku Bannai
  • Jeannie Phan
  • Jenn Liv
  • Dung Ho
  • Alice Yu Deng
  • Paolo Domeniconi
  • Owen Gent
  • Linshu Zeng
  • Tina Siuda


History / Pictorial works / Illustration of books / Illustrators / 21st century


Published Hong Kong : Sandu, 2018
Language English
Material 240 p. ;
ISBN 9887740993 / 9789887740995
TCDC Bangkok - New Arrival (Books)
In Process - TCDC Bangkok Back Office
In Process - TCDC Bangkok Back Office

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