Bollywood: the films! the songs! the stars!


"A visual tour of the glamour and color of Indian cinema in the only comprehensive illustrated guide to the world of Bollywood movies. Mumbai's charming movies, with glittering costumes and epic song-and-dance productions, have captured hearts all over the world since the early 1900s. Bollywood features film stills, plot timelines, star and producer profiles, plus historical insights, lesser-known facts, and behind-the-scenes gossip

Table Of Contents

  • The beginning 1913-1950
  • The golden age 1951-1960
  • Enter the glamour 1961-1973
  • Angry young men 1973-1981
  • The reign of kitsch 1981-1990
  • Family matters 1991-1999
  • The age of big money 2000-present


Motion pictures / Motion picture industry


Published London : Dorling Kindersley, 2017
Language English
Material 360 p.
ISBN 0241289297 / 9780241289297
TCDC Bangkok - General Collection

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